The story of Pentechs

When we started Pentechs five and a half years ago, I myself was the first developer building a CMS based website for another software company and my husband was the sales guy. Our initial years had been a real struggle since we started the old fashioned way, bootstrapped. In one hand attracting clients to give work to a new start-up, on the other hand attracting developers to work for a bootstrapped start-up that operated from a basement office. Somehow both the sides saw something in us and they put their faith in us. We shared our expertise that we brought with us from years of working in various fields in large corporates, at the same time we learnt things that we never got to learn during our corporate years. We bagged projects and with each new project we set the bar higher for ourselves. We goofed up in some, we delivered others with a distinction. 

Amongst the chaos of growing from scratch, meeting salary expectations, managing clients' expectations, delivery of projects, hiring, firing, breaking our heads over policies and celebrating birthday parties and annual parties, we managed to build a family that we call 'Pentechs'. As years rolled, we treated ourselves with a large and beautiful office, invested in launching a product company called QuasarMatrix Solutions. Meanwhile, Pentechs family members who joined as trainees or in junior positions, established themselves to senior levels, many of them got married and some are now blessed with beautiful children.

When I look back, I realise building a start-up business is not always about fulfilling your own dream or funding or running the rat race, it is about whether we are enriching lives and helping others grow. This reward is priceless.

Pentechs've been excellent and a pleasure to work with.  Despite the complexity of the project they've delivered a superb result and kept all their promises.

CEO, Digiclips, UK

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