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Designing UI/UX for the enterprise user

We combine the sensitivity of an artist, expertise in technology and deep understanding of the enterprise space to deliver beautiful, intuitive and effective B2B and B2C user experiences.  We develop a design-system that gives our customers a consistent user experience. All our designs are created with focus on scalability in the long term.


B2B Application

Intuitive and compelling user experience with focus on robust functionality to increase overall user efficiency and productivity.

B2C Portals

Designs created for engaging customers with focus on visual appeal, readability, easy access to information and a pleasurable buying experience.

Data Visualization / dashboard

Intelligent data presentation through meaningful charts and graphs and reports to help the management take informed business decisions.

Modernization of legacy UI/UX

Transform cumbersome, non-intuitive and tired looking age-old custom application interfaces to new age user experience. After all, swifter UX adds to your ROI. Scroll down to see how.

Mobile app UI/UX design

With years of expertise in developing enterprise apps, we create the perfect UI/UX that helps users to complete their jobs efficiently through user friendly interfaces.


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The Pentechs edge:

Our designs make complex applications look simple. We have the expertise of being the enterprise application developer, so we do the hard work to make it simple for you.

We do extensive research before we put our hands on your project to understand your industry and your requirement to create an effective user experience

We create easily scalable UI/UX that can accommodate new features and functionalities in future without you spending a fortune on the UI rework

Our designs are intuitive and easy to use. The applications users can get on with their work with minimal training.

Our designs are refreshingly beautiful and make the application use a pleasing experience

How can the right UX boost productivity and ROI for an enterprise?

An effective and intuitive UX can save about 10 minutes of application usage time per user per day. If you have 1000 people using a particular software application in your company, it saves 3666 man hours a month, and 44000 man hours annually. Now you do the salary saving calculation!

Pentechs've been excellent and a pleasure to work with.  Despite the complexity of the project they've delivered a superb result and kept all their promises.

CEO, Digiclips, UK

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